//Plan for the Unplanned

Plan for the Unplanned

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Tuesday, Atlanta had a snow day. It was pretty much 45 degree weather and rain, but Garrett stayed home and was able to go to two appointments with me.

One was for baby Eleanor, the other was a hospital tour. When Grafton was born Garrett and I entered the hospital, rode up and down elevators, and ran past signs till we found labor and delivery. We decided this time we’d be prepared; you know – new baby, new hospital, new us. 

We made it to Emory and found our way to the classroom. We brought Grafton with us thinking this was just going to be a quick tour – here’s where you deliver, here’s where the nursery is, done.

We were wrong.

Like I said, we went to a classroom.

The lady at the front came over to us and handed us about 10 pages of things to fill out and read. One was our birthing plan (you mean I can plan this birth?). I don’t plan, I roll with the punches but I was completely interested.

This sheet of paper had a check list of things I could request to be in the room. To name a few, a DVD player for distractions, a yoga ball to bounce the baby out I guess, and a bath tub, which I’m assuming is a kiddie pool lined with plastic wrap. Let’s just say I was in shock. You mean to tell me I can watch Die Hard in a bath tub while pushing out my daughter?

I want it all! Give me all the distractions! 

As much as I joke about planning out this birth, the truth is I can’t plan it.

You know how everyone says that cliche statement, “every birth is different?”

Well they aren’t wrong.

I wanted an all natural, all on my terms birth with Grafton but instead I almost delivered the poor kid in the car.

Three of my girlfriends wanted to try an all natural birth with the side of an epidural, and they all had emergency c-sections. My sister wanted a normal, full term birth but instead delivered my nephew at 24 weeks.

If I can offer any advice, skip the planning and be open to all options, because you never know what you’re going to get.

Babies are funny, finicky, and full of surprises.