//Oh What a Knight

Oh What a Knight

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Valentine’s Day, you either love it or hate it. In the Spence family, we love it. We’ve never gone all out and we usually just stick to a few bags of candy, cards, and dinner. However, last year we began a new tradition, one I must share with you guys.

Our tradition began last year when we couldn’t find a babysitter for Grafton. Garrett had made reservations at some swanky Atlanta restaurant for the two of us and I was thrilled about a date night. But hey, things didn’t work out the way we planned that night and we decided Grafton was going to tag along. Our reservations were for 7:00 and it was around lunch time when Garrett called them to let them know about our addition. The lady on the phone told Garrett in her sweetest voice, “Oh I’m so sorry we only have seating for parties of two.”

Oh so basically no kids allowed? Let me just tell you guys, I’ve been at a restaurant with children screaming and acting out, sometimes that child is mine, and I know it’s frustrating. At the time, Grafton was 11-months-old and usually just sat in a highchair playing with a toy car and stuffing his face with puffs. I’m not going to lie, I was instantly angry with the establishment so I told Garrett to cancel and I’d plan Valentine’s dinner. I was at work and frantically searching for an open table at all of our favorite food spots. That’s when I heard over the radio that Medieval Times Tournament and Dinner was having a special. I immediately called and bought tickets and that my friends is how our tradition began.

That night we were treated like royalty, called lords and lady, we wore paper crowns, and ate turkey thighs with our bare hands. And above all, we cheered on our champion knight. It was and still is insanely cheesy, but it’s us, we live for cheesy. I’ll always cherish last year’s experience but this year, this year was the best. To hear Grafton’s little voice shout at the horses, say “wow” to the falcon flying overhead, and “yay” to our knight was one of the greatest parenting moments. Garrett and I exchanged laughs and smiles every time his hands flew up or clapped.

Our tradition may not seem traditional but it’s ours. Oh and as for the swanky Atlanta restaurant, it is now closed. Cheers to you readers, lords and ladies, I’m off to go buy discounted Valentine’s Day candy!