//Georgians rank amongst least improved drivers in U.S.

Georgians rank amongst least improved drivers in U.S.

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ATLANTA – Based on a 5-year driving stud, Georgians rank among the least improved drivers in America.


Georgians rank among America’s ‘least improved’ drivers (5 year study).

  • Study of studies based on 5-years driving data.
  • Arizonans are the most improved drivers; Michiganders the least.
  • Table showing America’s most and least improved drivers.

It can be a battlefield out on the open road (or even just on the daily commute). America may well be a great car country, but the same cannot be said of today’s drivers, many of whom illegally speed, use cell phones, or even drive after drinking.  

Year-on-year, a nationwide assessment names and shames the country’s worst drivers, or the best. Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek this year decided to carry out a study of studies, analyzing data and rankings between 2018 – 2022, to determine the country’s most and least improved drivers over a five-year time period. 

And the award for most improved drivers over the past 5 years goes to the good people of Arizona! In 2018, drivers in the Grand Canyon state languished in 49th place, and in 2022 they were near the top – at number 8! That’s a giant move of 41 places. 

However, you probably don’t want to find yourself driving in Michigan, the state which saw the least improvement over the last five years. In fact, Michiganders used to be among the nation’s best drivers. Drivers here had proudly held the number 10 position in 2018, but tumbled down 39 places to come 49th in 2022. Talk about taking your eye off the ball – or, more likely, the road.

Georgia drivers ranked in the second half of the table, placing in 31st most improved overall, meaning their driving skills trended downwards over a 5 year period, compared to other states. Indeed, while in 2018 they were the 12th best drivers in the country, they ended in 2022 in 17th position – a drop of 5 places.

Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek have created a table showing America’s most and least improved drivers by state.

How did the other states fare? For several years running, (they topped the list in 2019, 2020 and 2021 for worst drivers in the country) Mississippi was awarded the dubious honor of being the state with the worst drivers in the country. This was assessed on information such as the percentage of drivers who were insured, the number of DUI arrests per 1,000 drivers, the number of fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven and how often residents Googled terms like ‘traffic ticket’ or ‘speeding ticket’. However, a recent improvement in their driving technique in 2022 saw them placed in 39th place nationally, a significant improvement, but still with work to do. 

Conversely, you’d be happy to live in Massachusetts, as Bay Staters were ranked as the best drivers for three years in a row. They ranked very low in terms of DUIs and fatalities, and very high in terms of insured drivers. So at least if you did have a mild prang with a Bay Stater, you know they would be above board when it came to exchanging insurance details. 

‘Well, at least we now know which states to avoid going for a road trip through, and which ones to definitely seek out!’ says Joseph Gunther IV at Gunther Volvo Coconut Creek. ‘But the message overall still has to be: drive carefully out there, people.’