//VSU honors retired faculty, staff

VSU honors retired faculty, staff

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Photo: Dr. Richard Carter will retire after 40 years of service to Valdosta State University. He is a professor in the Department of Biology and curator of the VSU Herbarium, which features more than 90,000 specimens, making it the second largest herbarium in Georgia.

VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University honors faculty and staff members at its annual Retiree Recognition Ceremony and Celebration.


Valdosta State University recently hosted its annual Retiree Recognition Ceremony and Celebration in honor of the 37 talented and hard-working faculty and staff members who have already retired or will retire by the end of the 2023-2024 academic year.

“This year’s group includes faculty and staff who have dedicated 10 to 40 years of their lives fostering a strong sense of community at VSU and doing their part to support every Blazer’s personal growth,” said Dr. Richard A. Carvajal, president of VSU. “They have helped make our university a special place to learn and work, and my hope is that they never underestimate the profound impact they have had on our campus and our people.”

2023-2024 Retirees

Bradley J. Bergstrom (1986-2024)

Alan M. Bernstein (1993-2023)

Carolyn Berrian (2013-2023)

Cassandra G. Bethea (2007-2024)

Lantry L. Brockmeier (2007-2024)

Wesley J. Brooklin (2012-2024)

Billy M. Brown (2006-2023)

Ronald C. Butler (2001-2023)

B. LaGary Carter (1997-2023)

Richard Carter (1984-2024)

Neal Culbreth (1997-2024)

Deborah S. Davis (1993-2023)

Marjorie Davis (1998-2023)

Deidra M. DiPietro (1994-2023)

Margaret L. Duncan (2014-2024)

C. Steve Fesler (2001-2023)

Cecilia Furey (2006-2024)

Clifford L. Giddens (1995-2024)

Carol M. Glen (1995-2024)

Vonnie M. Griffin (2012-2023)

Mark S. Groszos (2001-2024)

Jane M. Kinney (1992-2024)

C. Regina Lee (2000-2023)

Lucia Y. Lu (2007-2023)

Kenneth D. Ott (2001-2024)

Jeanie M. Patterson (2010-2023)

Richard A. Peterman (1997-2024)

Herbert F. Reinhard III (1992-2024)

Diane Wright Roberts (2011-2024)

Darrell L. Ross (2010-2024)

Denise H. Sauls (2013-2024)

Carl A. Smith (1994-2024)

Steven M. Taylor (1992-2024)

Cynthia R. Tori (1998-2024)

Sandra D. Trowell (2011-2023)

Debra B. Wisenbaker (1992-2024)

Richard A. Wisenbaker (2005-2023)

The Retiree Recognition Ceremony and Celebration ended with each of the retirees being inducted into the VSU Retirees Association.

The VSU Retirees Association strives to help faculty and staff maintain their connection to the university throughout retirement by providing opportunities for them to remain involved in campus life and to serve as a resource to current faculty, staff, and students, as well as alumni.

The Retirees Association’s home on campus, the VSU Retirees Center, is located in University Center Room 1101.

View more photos from the 2024 Retiree Recognition Ceremony and Celebration at https://www.flickr.com/photos/valdostastate/albums/72177720316336708/with/53665259440

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