//Breastfeeding Finally Legal Across the U.S.

Breastfeeding Finally Legal Across the U.S.

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Utah and Idaho are the last of the 50 states to make breastfeeding completely legal in public, according to People.

Previously, Utah’s Republican Representative Curt Webb had reservations to the earlier bill that stated, “A woman may breastfeed in any place of public accommodation … irrespective of whether the woman’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breast-feeding.”

Webb felt as though the bill would lead to immodesty, said the Salt Lake Tribune. “This seems to say you don’t have to cover up at all,” Webb said. “I’m not comfortable with that, I’m just not. It’s really in your face.”

Thanks to the passing of this legislation the United States is now up to speed with other countries across the world that protect nursing mothers.