//LCSO conduct traffic check points following recent violence

LCSO conduct traffic check points following recent violence

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The Concerned Clergy of Valdosta recently contacted Sheriff Ashley Paulk about the recent rash of violent assaults, such as shootings in and around Valdosta. In a joint effort, this past weekend, members of the Concerned Clergy of Valdosta partnered with Sheriff’s deputies and conducted traffic check points at various locations around town. These check points were conducted with the goal of educating the community about violence prevention while demonstrating the Sheriff’s Office is a part of the community and stands against this violence.

During one particular check point, a deputy was approached by the parent who relayed their child aspired to be a deputy. Deputies took the opportunity to build trust with the younger generation and demonstrate the Sheriff’s Office commitment to community involvement.

Several pictures from the check points are attached including Sergeant Jared Davis and canine, Bella.