//City of Valdosta to sell trees at Wiregrass March 27

City of Valdosta to sell trees at Wiregrass March 27

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Valdosta Tree Commission Announces Annual Tree Sale

The Valdosta Tree Commission has announced its annual tree sale to encourage citizens to plant trees in honor of the City of Valdosta’s designation as a Tree City USA. This is the ninth year that the Commission has offered trees at wholesale prices.

We have compiled a list of trees in hopes of accommodating various interests as well as the availability of space. This year the options will include Bracken’s Brown Beauty Magnolia, Claudia Wannamaker Magnolia, Sweet Bay Magnolia, Dawn Redwood, Tea Olive Fortunes, Overcup Oak, Willow Oak, and Winged Elm. 

“Planting a Tree is a hope for a future, a better future,” says Jacob Eckwahl, Chairman of the Valdosta Tree Commission. “In light of the COVID Pandemic that we have experienced, now would be a great time to commemorate the life of someone that you knew or loved that may have passed away as a result of COVID or any other reason this past year.”   

Each of the options offered during the annual tree sale are wholesale price and the Valdosta Tree Commission does not make any profit.  This event is simply a way for the community to have access to a great quality yet affordable tree.  Due to limited quantities, we suggest you send in your order soon.  

  • Bracken’s Brown Beauty Magnolia 30” ht– 5 gallon                           $14.00
  • Claudia Wannamaker Magnolia 30” ht- 5 gallon                                  $14.00
  • Sweetbay Magnolia 5’ ht – gallon                                                              $13.25
  • Dawn Redwood 5’ ht. – 5 gallon                                                                  $13.50
  • Tea Olive Fortunes 4’ ht- 5 gallon                                                              $12.00
  • Overcup Oak 6’ ht. – 5 gallon                                                                       $12.00.
  • Willow Oak 6’ ht. – 5 gallon                                                                         $12.00
  • Winged Elm 7’ ht. – 5 gallon                                                                        $12.75

For additional information, please call Amy Hall 229-561-5173 or Starr Page 229-251-0792.

Checks should be made payable to the Valdosta Tree Commission and postmarked by March 17th to Amy Hall, c/o Valdosta Tree Commission, PO Box 1125, Valdosta, GA 31603. Please include your phone number and what you would like to order with your check. Purchased trees may be picked up at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Horticulture Program Greenhouses, 4089 Val Tech Road, Valdosta, GA 31602, on Saturday, March 27th, 2020 from 9:00 am-11:00 am.