//Beauty Lovers Unite!

Beauty Lovers Unite!

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Sephora-in-JC-PennyEDITORIAL – The new Sephora has opened inside JCPenny in Valdosta’s Mall and I must say, I’m thrilled. No town should live without a Sephora within arm’s reach. What else would you spend your money on other than to pamper yourself? Plus, Sephora makes pampering even easier than you could ever imagine. They have it down to a science.

The combination of Pantone Technology plus Sephora’s Beauty Experts has combined in order to better serve you! How many times have you done your makeup perfectly in the bathroom, strutting out to meet with your equally beautiful friends, only to find—in horror—you’ve become the victim of foundation face? You know, when someone asks why your face doesn’t match your neck? Why is there a line there? And then the ridiculing begins.

Never again.

Meet Color IQ. Recently, I had the pleasure of finding out what my own Color IQ was and, although I was a little skeptical at first, I stopped mid sentence when I saw the results. My beauty consultant asked me only a few questions before she could find the perfect shade for me and I, quite frankly, couldn’t have been more shocked with the match.Store

Color IQ is a system which was developed by using Pantone Technology. Pantone Technology is the global leader in comprehensive color technology and can both create and match colors based on the pantone comprehensive curriculum. This is the same technology which applies to paint colors for your home, is able to pinpoint with accurate precision the colors in Disney films, and subsequently create any matching color in makeup, has been exclusively bestowed upon Sephora and the benefits are endless—including no more foundation face.

First, your beauty consultant will need to find out about your age and determine the type of coverage you would like for your face. Whether it be liquid or powder, or powder to liquid, or liquid to powder, the Color IQ system will have an accurate match. Next, your beauty consultant (which consistently makes you feel like a model) will ask about the type of coverage you would like. Personally, I always choose a light to medium coverage—especially during the summer—but the choice is up to you. Finally she’ll go through a list of matches which have been narrowed down to correctly match your skin’s color number by taking magnified photos of your face with a tiny camera on the cheeks and the forehead. Finally, she’ll come back with a couple of options she feels would best suit the look you want and begin showing you how to apply them and use them.

And then, in my own fiancé’s words, “Your skin looks perfect. I can’t tell where the makeup stuff ends and your skin starts.”

Apparently I had been wearing foundation face on our dates more than I had realized.

But, as any of my fellow Sephora addicts are aware of, foundation isn’t the only thing you’ll find here. You’ll find fellow women who seek to empower your own definition of not only beauty, but self confidence. When you walk in the store you’ll find a selection of Hot Now items, which aren’t just a sales pitch. These items are actually voted on by women just like you to be the best, most innovative new products out there. And, luckily for you, I picked up a few to try and review before your first trip into the store.

1. Melted LipGloss by Too Faced ($21.00)

The description will read that this product is an intensely saturated lip color with a precise tip applicator which is true, for the darker colors. I tried on two versions of the lip color
(one in Melted Peony and one in melted Ruby). I purchased Melted Ruby (the darker color pictured here) due to the fact that although the color payoff was rich and it did glide on Too-Faced-Meltedsuper smoothly in Melted Peony, I began to notice that it didn’t cover as boldly as the darker shades. The lighter shades though highly pigmented and absolutely beautiful, seemed to melt into the lines of my lips when they dried whereas I didn’t notice this as much with the darker shades. They dried to a perfectly matte feeling on the lips, but with the pleasure of a semi-gloss look. I do love the applicator, however, on all of the glosses. I’ve never achieved such precision from just sliding on a gloss. And as, for the staying power, I’m pretty in love with it as well. It holds like a stain, feels creamy like a lip stick, and glides on with the ease of a gloss. What’s not to love? I highly recommend Melted Ruby for all skin types because it really seems as though it is the perfect red—bold yet simple, as well as classically stunning.

2. Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder ($22.00)

Although I didn’t believe MakeUp Forever would ever be the brand for me simply due to the fact that it seemed like it was created solely for professional photographers, film makers, and models, I was impressed with it as I waited in line. As any Sephora girl knows, the best part about Sephora is the fact that there is a sample of literally everything in the store bringing new meaning to the phrase “try it before you buy it” which was precisely what I did. Conveniently, I picked up an amazing little Make-Up-Foreversample of this pressed powder which claimed to defy pores and fine lines and began to spread it on the back of my hand. It’s become my little trick when looking for makeup as there are more noticeable lines in my hand at the moment, then there are around my eyes, and I want to make sure it doesn’t seep into any of them. Absentmindedly, I began to apply the powder, and before my eyes, the lines looked like the were disappearing. Therefore, I tried it again in another location, and noticed the same result. I immediately added it to my bag, and you should too.

3. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip And Cheek Creamy Oil ($18.00)

I’ve been dreaming of a creamy blush since I was 12. A great deal of them not only cake on, but they’re completely unresponsive to blending efforts, as well as clog the pores and erase your preciously applied foundation in the area. Most of the time I end up feeling sticky, late to work, and ridiculous. Gross. I’d had enough, quite frankly, and had absolutely no interest in this product aside from its glossy naturally pink nude finish, easy for day wear on the lips. However, when I got it home, I tentatively decided to apply it to the apples of my cheeks and was pleasantly surprised. Sheer, juicy color appeared on my face. It not only provides a natural alternative to my other powder blushes, but itJosie-Maran creates a luxuriously silky feel without clogging the pores as well as a beautifully luminous highlighter. I apply mine by putting a small drop on both apples and using my Bare Minerals blush brush to lightly blend it outward. It’s not only blendable on the face and perfectly lightly pigmented, but buildable as well. Go for a little color, or a lot, and it will no doubt be pleasing. My only issue? Staying power. Since this appears to be such a natural product it will eventually moisturize into the face, which means in order to keep your new glow, you’ll need to reapply probably two or three times during the day. However, if you hate shiny skin, but love sheer color, simply blend over this product with the MakeUp Forever HD Finishing Powder to create a matte look and you’re settled.

4. Urban Decay Start Getting Naked Ultra Defintion Complexion Kit ($49.00)

Finally, I purchased the foundation my beauty consultant recommended due to my Color IQ and have been LOVING it. Seriously. I can’t get over the sheer Naked-Urban-Decayperfection that has become my skin. I decided to go with the Urban Decay Start Getting Naked Kit which comes with a prep spray, a primer BB Cream, as well as the Naked Skin Foundation ($39.00). I love this kit because it is makeup as well as an immediate skin perfecter; it also helps get rid of surface oil and shine (as well as blemishes), provides firming and aging benefits, and is an all around perfect match to my skin. I haven’t had one case of foundation face even if I forgot to blend it in all the way. And, with it being the scientifically perfect coverage for my complexion, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Those are my picks! Let me know when you go to Sephora and what you grab. I can’t wait to see what you finally get to pick and try and send me any suggestions if you find any amazing products that come your way @laceymclemore on Twitter and on Instagram.

Happy Hunting!