//DCS directs multi-agency gang deterrent operation

DCS directs multi-agency gang deterrent operation

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Operation Safe Streets: DCS leads joint operation targeting gang activity in the Middle Judicial Circuit

ATLANTA –  In an ongoing effort to deter criminal activity and to protect the citizens of the State of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS), alongside the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Lyons Police Dept, Vidalia Police Dept and the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office conducted warrant service, 4th Amendment searches, and field interviews with gang offenders, primarily those associated with the known Street Gangs in the Middle Judicial Circuit, Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

“These types of multi-state agency operations are imperative at keeping our streets safe for our citizens and shows the citizens that we are out here working and accountable to them, said Captain Jordan Kight of the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office. He further added: “Each agency involved in the operation brings a different resource that when combined is a force that is unmatched, thus making multi agency operations much more successful.”

Over the past several months, DCS and its partnering public safety agencies collected information on these individuals to ensure a swift and safe operation for the local community and all the law enforcement officers involved.

“We are sending a message to gang members who threaten our communities that they face the full efforts of our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies,” said Chris Hacker, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Atlanta. “This is another example of our combined efforts impacting those communities by removing violent offenders along with their drugs and weapons from the streets. They are immediately safer because of our combined effort,” he further added. 

This intelligence-driven operation resulted in 3 arrests and firearms were seized in addition to beneficial intel regarding known gang members in the Middle Georgia community. 

An operation of this magnitude requires seamless interagency collaboration–it is nearly impossible to do alone. DCS is grateful for the agencies and departments who have partnered with us to make this operation a success,” said James Bergman, Deputy Director of the Special Operations Unit.