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News from the Capitol Dome

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Lee Henderson, Newstalk 105.9 WVGA:


A potential battle between hospitals and physicians interested in less expensive treatment centers is brewing.  One one side is the hospitals and the other, physicians and out-of-state corporations interested in setting up less expensive treatment centers.

On Tuesday, lawmakers conducted a panel discussion at a conference at the University of Georgia prior to further debate in the General Assembly.  Attorneys for physicians and the out-of-state firms argued that a 1979 Georgia law reducing competition between health providers has become outdated and resulted in monopolies creating higher-than-necessary prices.  Legislators will have a task to decide how the debate will end.


Newly re-elected Governor Nathan Deal has passed on the opportunity to lead the debate related to state transportation funding.  He told over 700 gathered at the annual Transportation Summit that he’ll defer to the state’s lawmakers to take the lead.

Committee chairmen from both the House and Senate held hearings around the state this fall and are supposed to be ready to report at the upcoming conference at the University of Georgia for lawmakers prior to the beginning of the legislative session on January 12.  However, they announced Monday that the report will not be ready for several weeks.  This lead many to speculate lawmakers were giving Deal the lead.

Experts have estimated the state will need over $1.5 billion to just maintain properly the current transportation system in Georgia including roads and bridges.  More funding will be necessary to substantially improve the current system and improve issues related to congestion.