//LCS COVID-19 reporting requirements

LCS COVID-19 reporting requirements

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This is Sandra Wilcher, Director of Student Support Services. We are looking forward to a great start to a new year. Our students and staff have shown much resilience as we conquered the first half of this very different year. Recognizing the spike in COVID 19 cases, it is essential we take all measures to mitigate the spread as we return to school.  Therefore, it is imperative to complete the Lowndes County Schools COVID 19 reporting form for anyone in the following categories: exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19, exposure to someone with COVID 19, tested positive at any point during the holidays for COVID 19, or anyone awaiting test results for COVID 19.  The COVID 19 reporting form can be found on the Lowndes County Schools website under For Families and COVID reporting.  After completing the form, please do not report to work or school until the school nurse provides you with a return to school date.  We look forward to finishing strong and will continue to work diligently to keep our students and staff healthy and safe.