//Valdosta City Schools extends Virtual Learning sign-up

Valdosta City Schools extends Virtual Learning sign-up

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Parents of students in the Valdosta City School district will have more time to contemplate their student’s choice of traditional learning or virtual instruction for the coming school year. Enrollment reopened today and will continue through July 30th.

From the Valdosta City School’s website:

Our stakeholders have spoken, and your system is listening! We understand that many of you needed a little more time to determine which type of learning environment best suits the needs of your family. Therefore, we have opened the declaration window for 7 more days.

Parents are asked to visit the school district’s website and answer a series of questions prior to making their decision. VCS is also giving parents the option to switch to traditional classroom learning, even if they have already chosen the virtual option.

To find out more, as well as the links for enrollment, please visit the Valdosta City Schools’ website gocats.org