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McLemore > Getting Organized 101: The Closet

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Lacey Closet

Lacey McLemore, Valdosta Today Feature Contributor:

As many people are going to be starting New Year’s Resolutions, I felt the need to offer my advice on organizing systems that have worked now for me for over a year.We’ll begin with the closet. As my husband and I own a 3 bedroom house with relatively small closets, we do not share a closet, but the both of ours look about the same way with a shelf on top that we both use for shoes, one rod, and space below.

In closets, I tend to find that the space on the floor tends to become the most cluttered the most quickly which is why I have chosen to cover mine with 2 inexpensive chests of drawers from IKEA. Each of these was only $70 apiece and we’ll talk more about how I organize the clothes inside them in a later post. However, I do find that these chests of drawers have become critical in keeping me organized. As only blouses, dresses, and skirts hang in my closet, I keep pants, tanktops, and loungewear in the drawers below. This ensures that I don’t toss random things on the closet floor which can make it look junky.

You’ll notice from this photo that I have a hanging organizer on the right hand side of my closet. I actually have one on either side, but the black one on the right is what can been seen in this photo. They both hold different things. The one on the left, which can’t be seen here, holds athletic shoes and flip flops, as well as some odds and ends. The one on the right houses bags, clutches, wallets & travel bags. I find this is a great way to keep these types of things organized by standing them side by side in each hanging shelf.

Finally, you’ll see my collection of boots organized by color on the top shelf with some shoe boxes in the right hand corner. You may be wondering where my other shoes are (flats, heels, and sandals) and we’ll talk more about where those are later.

Now that I’ve given you a general tour of the closet I’d like to discuss why such a method works so well. We are all aware that we will only wear what we see in our closets; as the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Therefore, if you check your closet right now, you’ll probably find that all of your favorite clothes are in the middle of the closet. The saying also implies that if your clothes aren’t organized, your clothes will be out of your mind. Things will be forgotten if they aren’t properly hung up, are in the floor, or are in drawers. This is the reason I hang all of my tops. As I have more tops than I do skirts or pants (as many people do), they tend to offer the most versatility in my wardrobe. Therefore, I keep them organized by color with red on the left slowly going in order to neutral whites in the middle to browns and greys with black clothing at the end. This way, when I open my closet, I can select a top to match a bottom from different colors each day of the week in order to make sure I am constantly mixing and matching to ensure I am making the most of my wardrobe.

This is also helpful when shopping. When I organize my clothes by color or style, it’s easy to see what I have the most of. When I see what I have the most of, I know what styles and colors I like and what I will wear the most of in order to aim to only purchase items I will love to wear. Loving to wear the clothes in one’s closet is the issue many women have when trying to put an outfit together. They end up feeling like they wear the same things often and, therefore, have nothing to wear. However, when you organize your closet, you can learn what those favorite pieces are, either in color or in style, and discover how to replicate the way you feel in them when you’re shopping. This ensures that you always have something to wear in your closet.

Speaking of shopping, when was the last time you went into a store that was dark? Never. They all have great lighting to allow you to see each and every item which is why you always want to buy everything, so is the need with your closet. A closet without proper lighting will never allow you to see the full potential that red blouse holds with that charcoal grey skirt and will never give you the satisfaction of finding the perfect dress. My lighting was fairly inexpensive from Home Depot. We simply invested in a track lighting system, not a single bulb, in order to be able to see the full expanse of my closet.

My final key to a great closet, and perhaps the most important, lies in the hangers. Thin, non-slip hangers are a no-nonsense quintessential need for a good closet, but they don’t have to be expensive. My velvet hangers ended up being about $1 per hanger when I purchased them from Ross. And though the amount may seem scandalous at first, it becomes well worth it when my spaghetti strap dresses, button-up shirts, as well as slippery fabrics actually stay hanging. When I walked into my closet before, I felt like I couldn’t even begin to find clothing until I hung up all of the clothing which had fallen down, which is not the way for anyone to start his or her day. However, these hangers are the end of all of that. I also love that they are thin as this allows me to have more space for bulkier fabrics or items in my closet. The other amazing thing about having the exact same hanger for every item in one closet, especially in black, allows one to focus just on the clothing. Since it all hangs on the same level with the same hangers, it allows the closet itself to look much more put together—the very first step in creating a put together look.

37501_1331569365389_7267954_nLacey Mclemore. My goal is to finally rid the exclamation, “I have nothing to wear!” from every woman’s vocabulary once and for all. In order to do this it’s not only important to understand who you are, but to have the confidence to present yourself accordingly. In my articles, you’ll find reviews of both classic pieces as well as trends, how they can best suit your body type and style, as well as styling ideas. And, soon you’ll find nothing in your closet but loveable, versatile pieces which make you feel luxurious!