//From Goat Yoga to Goat Grams at Fifth Day Farm

From Goat Yoga to Goat Grams at Fifth Day Farm

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By Wendy Melton

LOWNDES CO., Ga. – Fifth Day Farm is becoming quite popular for its menagerie of animals, especially when the new babies arrive. When I first met Steve and Janet Hendley, they had a few goats, alpacas, llamas, turkeys, miniature ponies, miniature cows, and a bunch of chickens, among other things. Since that first meeting, their small petting zoo of a farm has exploded, gaining new animals on a daily basis. They have also added a new service, Goat Grams. You heard me right. In addition to their Goat Yoga classes, they now offer Goat Grams to anyone who is wants to send one.

Goat Yoga was a big success at Fifth Day Farms, but there’s more!

Goat What?

Telegrams have been around for well over a century. Then people got the idea for singing telegrams. Want to tell someone you love them? Send a singing telegram and let them hear it in a song. Well, now there are Goat Grams? The look on the woman’s face when Steve went to apply for their Goat Gram business permit was probably priceless. You want a permit for Goat What? Not your usual request, but once they had the permit in hand, they were in business.

Fifth Day Farm is becoming quite popular for its menagerie of animals, especially when the new babies arrive.

A Chance to Smile

Want to give someone you love a chance to smile? Send them a Goat Gram. For $50, you can have Janet bring Waffles, or one of their other adorable baby goats to your loved one’s location for 15 minutes of snuggles and smiles. Your message will be delivered and your loved one can hold and cuddle with the baby goat. They can get their picture taken with the goat and enjoy a few minutes of fun time. When you know someone is having a bad day, a Goat Gram is the perfect gift to put a smile on their face.

Send someone a Goat Gram!

One Size Fits All

Goat Grams are a great all around gift and they can be given to anyone! Flowers eventually die and chocolates aren’t always a girl’s best friend. Goat Grams, on the other hand, can cover any occasion and will shower your loved one with lots of affectionate nuzzles. Janet said, “I’ve done birthdays, retirement parties, and even a proposal. I’ve delivered to men, women, and children. We go to businesses, schools, and homes. You get to hold, play with and take pictures with a baby goat!”

Snuggle with a baby goat at Fifth Day Farm

Goat Addiction Is a Real Thing!!

What started out as a way to spend time with animals has turned into a way to brighten peoples’ day and have some fun doing it. When they started the goat yoga classes, Steve and Janet thought it would be a good way to let the goats and other animals interact with the guests in a relaxed atmosphere. Since the first class, it’s fairly apparent that goat addiction is a real thing. Most Goat Yoga classes sell out rather quickly.

Now with Goat Grams added into the mix, Janet can barely keep up with demand. The number of messages she has received since announcing the service has been overwhelming. That’s just fine with her. She quickly took note of the reactions the Goat Grams received.

“We had one lady cry,” Janet said. Seeing each recipient’s reaction to their Goat Gram is all the reassurance Janet needs to keep doing what she loves.

Visit the Farm!!

Fifth Day Farm hosts Fun Days, Goat Yoga classes, birthday parties, and a variety of other events that will allow you to get up close and personal with all of the critters they have on hand. Located at 5732 Clyattville Nankin Road, a few miles west of Valdosta, the Hendleys welcome guests on a regular basis.

They allow guests to book parties in advance and encourage people to bring their friends. If you have questions, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jshendley/ or call 229-413-3242. Steve and Janet welcome monetary donations as well. They have a growing family to take care of!!