//GA Lawmakers Try to Hike Rideshare Taxes

GA Lawmakers Try to Hike Rideshare Taxes

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ATLANTA, GA –  Facing legislation that would add new taxes to rideshare trips, today Lyft issued a statement opposing efforts to raise the costs of ridesharing in Georgia. State lawmakers are currently considering legislation, namely in HB 276, that would add sales tax to rideshare trips, increasing ride fares by up to 8.9 percent.

Adding some of the country’s highest taxes to rideshare trips will leave many Georgians stranded. Not only have Lyft and services like it vastly increased mobility for riders, but the availability of on-demand transportation has helped to reduce impaired driving and strengthen local economies. Increased costs to ridesharing will also reduce earning opportunities for drivers as Georgians choose other ways to move around. We urge lawmakers to consider those who need rides most and oppose proposals to add sales tax to rideshare.”

LYFT statement

Lyft’s 2019 Economic Impact Report sheds light on the impact ridesharing has had in communities across Georgia. The report shows that:

  • Nearly half (49%) of rides begin or end in low income communities
  • 30% of Lyft users do not own or lease a personal vehicle and 65% say the availability of Lyft has impacted that decision
  • 75% of Lyft users are less likely to drive substance impaired because of Lyft
  • 92% of Lyft drivers drive fewer than 20 hours a week, earning on their own schedule by giving rides in their communities
  • Spending in local economies increased $77.8 million due to the availability of Lyft

Given the impact that increased costs will have on earning opportunities, rideshare drivers are planning to voice their concerns to state lawmakers at the Georgia State Capitol around noon on Monday. Media are encouraged to attend.