//The rides at the Moultrie Swap Meet

The rides at the Moultrie Swap Meet

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Looking for a three deuce intake manifold to convert your LeMans to a GTO clone?  Need a fender for a 69 Comet?  A freshly chromed grill for your 49 New Yorker?  Or maybe some random shop supplies and a vintage “I like Ike” sticker.  I found all of this and sooooo much more at last weekend’s Moultrie Swap Meet and Car Corral.  (http://www.moultrieswapmeet.com)

The cynical people will say something like, “Why would you want to walk around all day looking at piles of random stuff when you can just search for whatever you want online?”  My short answer – because it’s fun!  I also think there’s a strong argument to be made for shopping parts when they’re tangible.  You can Photoshop anything online, just look at that ridiculous picture of me at the top of this article!  I would rather hold that shifter or sit in that bucket seat before I drop my hard earned cash.

My favorite part about the Moultrie Swap Meets, though, is the “Car Corral” – the acres of vehicles on display.  Some people are just showing off their toys, others are trying to sell, and a select few are looking to swap rides just to have something new.  As an admitted car addict, I absolutely love walking the endless rows of interesting old rides.  As usual, I snapped a few pics while I was there, so I figured I’d share.  According to their website, the next event will be on February 1st and 2nd.