//Governor Kemp, First Lady travel the state

Governor Kemp, First Lady travel the state

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Governor Kemp and First Lady have been traveling the state making announcements on state affairs effecting Georgians.


In case you missed it, the past two weeks Governor Brian Kemp and First Lady Marty Kemp have been traveling across the state, making major announcements related to military servicemen and women and their families, education, economic development, public safety, and expanded opportunity for rural Georgia.

Last week, Governor and First Lady Kemp joined local, state, and federal leaders in Warner Robins to speak with active and retired servicemen and women to discuss their proposal to create a career military retirement-income tax exclusion.

On January 31, Governor Kemp hosted a roundtable in Forsyth County to discuss the steps his administration is taking to ensure a bright future for Georgia students by investing in Georgia teachers, protecting parents’ rights, fully funding education, and more.

Also on January 31, First Lady Marty Kemp joined local, state, and federal leaders at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to highlight the administration’s efforts to make Georgia a safe haven for survivors and hostile environment for traffickers. Notably, speakers repeatedly thanked First Lady Marty Kemp for her leadership on this issue.

Both Governor and First Lady Kemp then visited Lockheed Martin in Marietta to celebrate yet another milestone in the company’s legacy. Lockheed will be manufacturing the next-generation LMXT aircraft to support our nation’s defense efforts and create up to 1,000 quality jobs for hardworking Georgians in the process.

On February 1, Governor Kemp was at the LaGrange-Troup Chamber of Commerce Early Bird Breakfast to connect with leaders in the public and private sector. Hardworking Georgians in this part of the state have worked with his administration to bring over 1,700 new jobs and $474 million in investment to the area, and Governor Kemp thanked all in attendance for their partnership to help keep Georgia the No. 1 state to live, work, and raise a family. He then joined Kia Georgia in LaGrange to celebrate their latest Sportage vehicle that will be made in Georgia.

And on February 2, Governor and First Lady Kemp were joined by Lt. Governor Duncan, Speaker Ralston, and members of the Broadband Infrastructure Committee to announce almost $408 million in awards to expand broadband access in the Peach State. At Governor Kemp’s direction, Georgia is once-again leading the nation in developing innovative, fiscally conservative ways to leverage funding to serve as many Georgians as possible.

The First Lady ended the week with Georgians at the Rotary Club of Newnan to discuss how they can join the Kemp Family in combatting human trafficking.

Click here to listen to the Governor Kemp’s radio interview with WDUN’s Martha Zoller discussing all of these initiatives and more.

Gov. Kemp and First Lady Support Career Military Servicemembers

“Georgia is proud to be home to so many of the brave men and women who have honorably served this nation in one of our military branches. In fact, we have the fifth largest veteran population in the country, with almost 700,000 former servicemembers and over 101,000 career military retirees currently residing in our state. They choose to work and live in the Peach State because of how we treat those who selflessly wore a uniform while defending America and our values.

“Under this proposal, qualifying retirees will be able to exempt up to $17,500 in military retirement income, with the ability to double that to $35,000 tax free retirement income if they earn a further $17,500 from another profession.

“That is why I am proud to support legislation that will create a retirement-income tax exemption for career military retirees in our state. This exemption will keep money in the pockets of hardworking Georgians and further our reputation as a national leader in supporting veterans.

“Passing this legislation will not only deliver on another key priority I shared during my campaign but will also remove a disparity between Georgia and most other states, including those that surround us.”

Click here to read Governor Kemp’s Op-Ed on Georgia’s Military Tax Exemption in the Macon Telegraph.

Governor Brian Kemp hosts an Education Roundtable in Forsyth to discuss teacher pay raises and banned books.

Gov. Kemp Hosts Education Roundtable in Forsyth

AccessWDUN: Kemp talks teacher pay raises, banned books at Forsyth Co. high school

Each person who spoke, most of them involved with education at the state and local level, thanked Kemp for his continued support. Especially for his proposed state budget, which includes pay raises for teachers and education staff, as well as more funding for K-12 education.

“It’s encouraging to hear that they’re excited, they know this money is going to one of our biggest needs in our state: our children,” said Kemp.

“I’m concerned as a parent on those types of issues, that’s something that we’re going to be working with the General Assembly on, but we’ll have a lot of dialogue,” said Kemp.

First Lady Continues Fight to Eradicate Human Trafficking

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Atlanta Mayor Dickens joins Georgia first lady, public officials to condemn human trafficking

Georgia First Lady Marty Kemp, who has worked with lawmakers to craft anti-trafficking bills, said the General Assembly will consider legislation to add human trafficking to the list of offenses for which bail can be granted only by superior court judges.

The state is opening a second recovery facility for survivors of human trafficking this summer, Kemp said. She also said the proposed state budget offers more resources to the human trafficking prosecution unit in the state attorney general’s office.

The fight against human trafficking is one of the main battles that elicits bipartisan support. Gov. Brian Kemp has signed seven forms of unanimously passed of legislation over the last three years to protect survivors and to increase penalties against perpetrators of human trafficking.

CBS46: Sex trafficking is a $300M industry in Atlanta

“I’m excited to share with you that we are opening our second receiving facility for survivors in the Peach State,” said Marty Kemp.

Click here to watch the First Lady’s remarks

Lockheed Martin’s Marietta plant could become one of two nationwide to build LMXT aerial fuel tanker planes for the U.S. Air Force.

Lockheed Martin to Make LMXT in Georgia, 1,000 Potential Jobs

Marietta Daily Journal: Lockheed Martin Marietta could add 1,000 new jobs with air tanker contract

Lockheed Martin’s Marietta plant could be one of two nationwide to build the LMXT aerial fuel tanker plane, pending a contract award from the U.S. Air Force.

Speaking from the hangar where the aircraft will one day be constructed, Gov. Brian Kemp said the selection could create up to 1,000 new Lockheed jobs atop more than 5,000 already employed in Marietta.

“We’re going to create more jobs in Georgia, stronger partnerships for suppliers across the state, with educational institutions too, and we’ll build new aircraft that’s going to support all our men and women in service all over the world,” said Lockheed CEO Jim Taiclet.

Kemp, meanwhile, touted the announcement as proof positive of Georgia’s “pro-growth, pro-military environment.”

WABE: Tankers used to refuel military aircraft could be made in Marietta

Gov. Brian Kemp says Lockheed’s decision to build the aircraft in Georgia speaks to the quality of technical education in the state.

“That workforce they need at all levels is being produced in our state,” said Kemp. “And I think that’s one reason we’re seeing so many great companies that are coming here or great companies like Lockheed that are able to form partnerships and continue to expand their mission.”

Georgia Broadband Coverage Map

Gov. Kemp Directs $408M to Expand Broadband Infrastructure

“I am very proud that Georgia is once-again leading the nation in developing collaborative, innovative, and fiscally conservative ways to leverage government funding to positively impact and serve as many Georgians as possible,” said Governor Brian P. Kemp. “I want to thank all of the members on the Broadband Infrastructure Committee as well as the grants team at the Office of Planning and Budget, and the broadband and special projects team at the Georgia Technology Authority for working together to score applications and recommend projects that reflect the greatest needs and interests of hardworking Georgians. We look forward to the positive impact these projects will have once completed. I ran on a promise to bring opportunity to rural Georgians. If you look at the map of Georgians who will now have access to rural broadband, you will see a promise kept.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Major influx of $408M awarded to get rural Georgia online

“The projects chosen reflect the greatest needs and interests of hardworking Georgians,” Kemp said as he announced the funding at the Georgia Capitol.

A giant investment in rural internet service announced Tuesday will wire over 132,000 homes and businesses across Georgia that currently lack access, connecting more than a quarter of the state’s locations that aren’t yet online.

Gov. Brian Kemp said the $408 million in COVID-19 relief money will fund internet expansion projects in 70 counties where residents have little or no options for internet service, a necessity for business, health and education.

The funding will target areas where locations are so spread out that it’s unprofitable for internet companies to provide connections. Grant money will be provided to 49 recipients, including local electric membership cooperatives and local governments that will partner with internet service providers.

News Channel 9: Georgia communities, households & businesses will soon have access to faster broadband

“More than 482,000 locations in Georgia are underserved, as of July 2021,” Kemp said. “The projects targeted with these awards could serve more than 183,000 locations, representing both homes and businesses with faster and more reliable broadband.”

Click here to watch Fox 5: Georgia offers grant for rural broadband

Gov. Kemp and First Lady Champion Parents’ Bill of Rights

On February 3, Governor Brian P. Kemp’s floor leaders, Senator Clint Dixon (R – Gwinnett) and Representative Josh Bonner (R – Fayetteville), introduced legislation to establish a Parents’ Bill of Rights to increase transparency in education by ensuring school districts have procedures in place for parental participation in schools.

Breitbart: Exclusive: Kemp Announces Georgia ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ to Codify Parental Access to School Curriculums

Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is moving forward with his promise for a “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” announcing on Wednesday that legislation is being introduced into the Georgia legislature to begin the process of passing the bill.

“At a time when our nation is more divided than ever, we’re leading the fight to ensure parents do not have any barriers which prevent them from playing an active role in their child’s education,” Kemp said in a statement first provided to Breitbart News. “As the parents of three daughters, Marty and I know students do best when their parents have a seat at the table and their voices are heard and respected.”

“This bill is the product of a months-long, information-gathering campaign which includes the input of superintendents, teachers, parents, and other education stakeholders,” Kemp added. “At its core, it is about transparency, access, and promoting an engaged partnership between the parent and educators to the ultimate benefit of the student.”