//Atlanta > Teen Lies about being Abducted

Atlanta > Teen Lies about being Abducted

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ATLANTA — A Clayton County teenager claimed someone kidnapped her from school.  Now authorities believe she was lying.

WSB is reporting that police are determining whether to charge the 14-year old, Salaycia Eason, for filing a false report.

Eason has told police she had been taken against her will, at gunpoint, Friday from the Morrow High School.  However, video shows her leaving the school Friday, seemingly safe.

When news reports began reporting the “abduction”, Eason was recognized by a customer at the JC Penney’s in Morrow.  When police arrived and questioned her, she stated, according to reports, that the person who abducted her let her go after seeing news coverage.

She was taken by Clayton County School Police officers to the school police headquarters.  School police later stated that, after reviewing surveillance video evidence, they determined the stories provided by Eason were not true.