//Atlanta > Mother Facing Charges over Encouragement to Fight Bully

Atlanta > Mother Facing Charges over Encouragement to Fight Bully

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ATLANTA — A Cobb County mother said her son is the victim of bullying. Now she is facing criminal charges for stepping in to help.

Gabriel Choctaw, 27, is facing charges for disrupting a Cobb County school bus and orchestrating and permitting her 10-year-old son to assault another student.

“I feel like if the school would have done their job, it would never happen,” Choctaw told WSB.

Choctaw said she tried to tell administrators at Sanders Elementary School about how her son was being bullied and feared he would be jumped on a school bus earlier this month.

“He said there is over 900 students and they don’t have time to get to every situation, so I feel like if they had made the time, then none of this would have happened,” Choctaw said about the school’s response. “I’m not going to let three students bully him and he feel like he don’t have no one. I’m going to always be there to protect him, so I went to (the) bus stop to make sure the students didn’t jump him like they said.”

Choctaw said she didn’t encourage the fighting but admitted she didn’t stop it right away.

“Cobb County Schools is aware of a police investigation into an alleged incident of disruption at a school bus stop on May 15, 2015. The matter is under review. Cobb Schools advocates for the safety and security of all students at all times, including at school bus stops. More than 21,000 bus stops are made twice daily in Cobb,” said Jennifer Gates, a spokesperson for the Cobb County School District in an email.

A warrant is out for the mother on misdemeanor charges for disrupting a school bus. The officer, she said, told her she could turn herself in.