//Cobb County Man gets 4 Life Sentences plus 60 Years for Teen Molestations

Cobb County Man gets 4 Life Sentences plus 60 Years for Teen Molestations

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MARIETTA — A Cobb County Superior Court Judge had a stern comment for a Cobb County man convicted of raping and molesting two teenage girls.

“You, sir, are a predator and you are a liar,” Cobb Superior Court Judge C. LaTain Kell said. “You set a trap for these young women, who were children. My only fear is they weren’t the only ones. We as a community will not allow you to do this again.”

Robert Ray Whipkey, 52, was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences plus 60 years, according to reports in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Whipkey, according to reports, used his teenage son to gain access to two 14-year old girls at a house party.  He promised to provide them with rides to a store, but according to investigators in the report, he instead took the girls to his house where he assaulted them.

Whipkey was convicted of rape, statutory rape, aggravated sexual battery, and two counts of aggravated child molestation.

The victims had testified that on October 8, 2013, they were with other teens at a house party, but left with Whipkey to go to the store, according to the DA’s office in the report.  He first drove the girls to a Kroger, which was closed, then to a Circle K convenience store.  When they left the store, the girls then realized Whipkey was not taking them back to the party as promised.  Instead, he drove them to his house in east Cobb County, where he sexually assaulted both girls.

Assistant District Attorney Susan Treadaway stated in the report that Whipkey never admitted nor took responsibility for what he did to the young girls.