//Pinegrove Elementary students receive tour NASA’s Florida base

Pinegrove Elementary students receive tour NASA’s Florida base

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PGE Students Virtual NASA Fieldtrip

Adventurous students that have dreamed about exploring space came one step closer in Missy Eason’s fourth-grade class. The students took a virtual field trip with NASA in Florida thanks to the Georgia Education Initiative that encourages NASA’s work with neighboring states. During the online experience, students learned about the various systems that work together to travel to the moon, Mars, and beyond. Genger Benson Perez explained the grounds systems operations that assemble and transport to the launch pad. She told the class that NASA plans to return to the moon in 2021 as well as continuing to explore Mars and other planets. Perez shared the intern opportunities with NASA that students might want to pursue one day. The class discussed the educational requirements for careers at NASA that range from engineers and medical fields to culinary arts. All jobs are crucial to getting men and women into space. Karter Kerr stated, “It was cool to learn how fun and complex NASA is.” The students enjoyed taking a trip within the walls of their classroom. Justin Crooks expressed the NASA experience was out of this world!