//Viking fans help needed

Viking fans help needed

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Viking Fans –

Our 2020 Viking football season is off to a strong start.  Two games, two victories, and no problems gives us many reasons to be proud of our program.  As we move forward with our games, we are asking all fans for help in a couple of areas.

The wearing of masks is important.  While not mandated when sitting in your seats and cheering, wearing a mask while entering, leaving, visiting the concession or merchandise stands, going to the restroom, or walking about will help mitigate the spread.  We all want to have a complete and successful season and we need your support and help in keeping our team, as well as all our fans safe.

All children attending the games must have parental supervision.  All seats on the home side are reserved and everyone is expected to sit in their designated seat or area.  The seating areas on the home side where no one is sitting are left open intentionally for distancing purposes.  Parents are not to allow their children to congregate or sit in these areas as that defeats the purpose of leaving seats unsold.  All fans, including children and students, must sit in their reserved seat. 

Children/students congregating underneath the stands in the concourse is not permitted.  The concourse area is not a socializing area and all parents are asked to help alleviate this problem. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to a continuing great season.