//UPDATE: Polls are Swamped, Voters “Ten Deep”

UPDATE: Polls are Swamped, Voters “Ten Deep”

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VALDOSTA — With a half hour to go before the polls close, Steven Pagola at the Board of Elections barely had a moment to speak.

“We are swamped, everywhere, it’s ten people deep,” he said. “We’ve been here since 5 a.m. and have been nonstop all day long.”

There are nine precincts where Lowndes County voters can cast their ballot.

“If you’re in line at 7 p.m.,  you can vote,” Pagola said. “If you’re in line at 7:01, you can’t.”

With that, Pagola graciously said, “I have to go.”

And hung up the phone.

There have been concerns about voter suppression due to Brian Kemp’s Secretary of State position and the 53,000 he’s reportedly hindered from voting. A federal judge ruled against this move, but the tension has been thick.

In Lake Park today, Lowndes County elections supervisors report that voters have requested a state investigation into voting irregularities, claiming they were given ballots which omitted city  races and were told they would have to cast provisional ballots to remedy it.