//Alt-County Singer Rachel Brooke Returns to Valdosta

Alt-County Singer Rachel Brooke Returns to Valdosta

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Rachel-BrookeVALDOSTA, GA – Alt-Country/Blues singer Rachel Brooke will be performing at Ashley Street Station, 607 A Baytree Rd., on Tuesday March 4th.

Brooke is from Lovells, Michigan, but one would never know when she begins to sing. She is like a blast from the past, combining her influences of early country music and Chicago blues into a refreshing, contemporary country sound not heard on the radio.

She has been dubbed the “Queen of Underground Country Music” by SavingCountryMusic.com, and she has continued to live up to her title with her newest album “A Killer’s Dream.”

“Take everything you think you know about country music and throw it out the window.  That pop rock y’all call country is nothing compared to what Rachel Brooke is laying down.  She’s an old soul in the way Hank Williams and Memphis Minnie were, culling together both country and blues that is easily digestible for anyone who gets scared off by real country music.  Etta James once said that the blues and country music were kissing cousins.  Rachel Brooke is their love child” -Chip McCabe

To read more about Rachel Brooke and hear her music visit her websiteFacebook, or watch her music video of “The Black Bird”.