//Thomasville Shoplifter’s Getaway Foiled By Broken Car

Thomasville Shoplifter’s Getaway Foiled By Broken Car

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behind bars22-year old David Mathis of Camilla had what appeared to be a brilliant plan. He would load up a shopping cart at the Thomasville Wal-Mart, walk out the front door without paying, load up the items in his car, and drive off. He succeeded in the first parts of the plan…until his car refused to start.

Mathis’ wife told police the couple had gone to the store to buy one single item, but her husband stayed in the store for an unusually long time. When the 22-year old attempted to leave the store, he was confronted by store security and pulled a knife on a guard. He ran back to the car, where the engine refused to turn over.

He was caught a short time later on US-19 South after fleeing on foot. Mathis is now charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault, felony shoplifting, and Possession of a Firearm or Knife During Commission of a Crime.

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