//Ex-FBI Agent: ‘Definitely’ Enough Evidence For DOJ In Kendrick Johnson Case

Ex-FBI Agent: ‘Definitely’ Enough Evidence For DOJ In Kendrick Johnson Case

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Family Photo
Family Photo

Valdosta, GA- In an interview with ‘CNN Saturday Morning,’ former FBI Special Agent Harold Copus said that the Department of Justice ‘definitely’ has enough evidence to investigate the death of 17-year old Kendrick Johnson.

Johnson’s family and their attorney filed a formal request with the DOJ and Atty. General Eric Holder to look into the case and subsequent investigation done by the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office and GBI.

Copus echoed the general sentiment of the entire case, saying there are ‘more questions…than answers right now.’ The former special agent also referenced the recently released EMT report, which contradicts both the sheriff’s office and GBI reports. According to Copus, the EMTs on scene ‘had to be told it was a crime scene,’ as it was noted in the EMT report.

Also of note in the CNN report was a statement by county corner Bill Watson- after doing an interview with the television network, Watson allegedly sent an email to anchor Victor Blackwell, asking him to ‘destroy this interview.’ Watson went on to say that he did not want it to be shown ‘whatsoever,’ and that ‘our situation should not be aired.’

When Blackwell asked Watson why he wanted the interview destroyed, the coroner allegedly said that ‘this just needs to end- it’s gone too far.’

You can view the entire CNN report here.