//Thomasville Uncle Accused of Poisoning Niece and Nephew With Bleach

Thomasville Uncle Accused of Poisoning Niece and Nephew With Bleach

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Taji Glenn, 19, is in jail and accused of pouring bleach into milk and giving it to his eight-month-old nephew and two-year-old niece.

The children’s  mother, Kanetria Flemming, arrived at her mother’s house Saturday, March 30 and did not know why here children were suffering from stomach pains, diarrhea and vomiting.

The children felt better the next morning, but Flemming noticed that the milk in the bottle from the previous day at turned brown and smelled like bleach. After that discovery, Flemming called the police and EMS.

Thomasville Police were assisted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Glenn, Fleming’s brother, was arrested Monday.

Investigators believe that an argument between Glenn’s girlfriend and the children’s mother over clothing may have led to Glenn putting bleach in the children’s milk. Police do not believe Glenn’s girlfriend was involved.

Glenn is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of cruelty to a child.

He was denied bond and remains in the Thomas County Jail.

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