//Lowndes County DUI, Drug Accountability Courts hosts Recovery Walk

Lowndes County DUI, Drug Accountability Courts hosts Recovery Walk

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On September 24th at 10:30am, Lowndes County DUI and Drug Accountability Courts are hosting a Recovery Walk at the Lowndes County Historic Courthouse Square to celebrate National Recovery Month. The purpose of the Recovery Walk is to recognize and encourage individuals with a substance abuse or mental health disorders to seek recovery and achieve a healthy, happy life. Substance abuse and mental health can affect anyone, including people in Lowndes County. Our community must remain dedicated to the recovery process by helping people address these preventable and treatable conditions, and support individuals in recovery, as well as their family members.

The event will include two speakers that will discuss recovery and the impact substance abuse has had on our community. One of our speakers will be Aaron Winston Jr. who is the CEO of R.E.A.C.H Two, a youth outreach non-profit organization here in Lowndes County. Another speaker will be a participant from the DUI Court program. There will also be tables set up with resources and information from Lowndes County Drug Court, Lowndes County DUI Court, Celebrate Recovery, Alanon, Greenleaf, Legacy Behavioral Health Services, and South Georgia Rural Opioid Response Project. At the end of the event, there will be a short walk around the Lowndes County Historic Courthouse Square in recognition of the recovery journey.  The community is invited to join us for this event.

The mission of the Lowndes County DUI and Drug Accountability Court programs are to confront the substance abuse issues causing the repetitive pattern of new offenses by individuals so as to reduce recidivism through enhanced supervision, treatment, and individual accountability. Accountability courts are the single most successful intervention in our nation’s history for leading people living with substance use and mental health disorders out of the justice system and into lives of recovery and stability.

For more information on this event, please contact Elizabeth Peters, DUI Court Coordinator at Elizabeth.Peters@lowndescounty.com.