//Valdosta > Sallas Mahone National DreamBox Math Challenge Winner

Valdosta > Sallas Mahone National DreamBox Math Challenge Winner

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VALDOSTA — A third grade teacher at Sallas Mahone Elementary, Shajuantae Parks, and her class were excited to find out that their class were winners of the National DreamBox Math Challenge. Miss Parks’ class was one of only 20 classes in the nation to win the Math Challenge. Sallas Mahone Elementary is the second school to receive the recognition in Valdosta City Schools.

DreamBox Learning is an adaptive online software provider that focuses on mathematics education at the elementary and middle school level. This math program meets each student’s educational need in the classroom while providing a more modern and blended learning experience with an engaging learning environment. DreamBox Learning provides K-8 students with over 1,800 lessons presented as animated adventures, games, and challenges. Badges, coins, and unlockable mini-games are also integrated into the software to reward and engage students in their mathematics lessons.

The DreamBox Math Challenge was a 4-week-long competition where all K-8 classrooms completing five or more lessons per week were eligible to win prizes. Miss Parks’ class received individual certificates of excellence, wristbands, and a $100 Pizza Hut Gift Certificate! Congratulations Miss Parks and students for receiving recognition for your hard work!!
Jennifer Steedley
Director of Public Relations
Valdosta City Schools