//Study gives insight to what kind of marriage proposals women want

Study gives insight to what kind of marriage proposals women want

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“Engagement season” which runs from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day is upon us. This is the time of the year that a lot of engagements tend to take place. To understand what women really want in a marriage proposal, a new study has given new insight at the engagement planning and the preferences women have for that special day.

A new study by The Knot and De Beers Group “Engagement Expectations” consisted of almost 300 women in serious relationships, who were surveyed about the expectations they have surrounding the marriage proposal process. The study found that the same amount (66%) of women who would rather have a private setting, also preferred, the engagement day to be pre-planned, as opposed to elaborate public display’s or spontaneity.

The current study finds that 85% of women feel this generation puts more pressure on the proposal to be unique compared to the generation of their parents. The exchanging of the rings has become more significant for around 20% of women who think it has more meaning now than in the past.

Most women do want a diamond and are more involved in the selection of the engagement ring with 96% placing personalized uniqueness ahead of diamond size. The survey ultimately reveals that women increasingly want an engagement proposal to have a private intimate connection, with most women wanting to participate in the selection of their engagement ring.

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