//Studio V Tips for Choosing the Right Look for Your Style

Studio V Tips for Choosing the Right Look for Your Style

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By Sharah Denton

When you meet Vantashan Bell you are initially enthralled by her bubbly personality and approachable attitude. As a local hair stylist and owner of Studio V, Vantashan has been in business for almost 4 years providing various services for clients. “I have always done hair. I started getting my friends as clients and their parents as early as middle school,” she says. Vantashan says that what makes her business stands out is the focus of community service. “I aim high when it comes to this. I understand how important all my clients are and even if someone isn’t a client yet, they still deserve excellent customer service.”

Vantashan says that customer service is very important to her as a business owner and she strives to make sure each client has an awesome experience. “In this industry we often forget that we are in a service business. It’s not about us but, about the people we serve and that is what I enjoy doing,” she says. When it comes to choosing the right look for yourself, Vantashan provides this simple tip and recommendation. “Make sure you get something that is convenient with your life style and, something that also makes you feel confident because hair plays a huge role in the way you feel about yourself,” she says. Vantashan admits that there are some misconceptions that she hears about salons one being that anyone working there must know what they are doing because they are “in a salon”. Her advice is to ask your stylist questions to see what their specialty may be. And it also doesn’t hurt to see pictures.

“You want to make sure that you choose the right person to fit for you. And let’s face it, everyone has a certain area that they are weaker and stronger in,” she says. For booking or more information about Studio V contact: www.studiovhairsalon.org/ ; 1601 N Ashley Suite 78 Valdosta,Ga 31602 or call (850)459-6859.