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Make a difference for those in need this holiday season

Black Crow Media has teamed with local agencies over the last 18 years to host the Tree Of Giving. By collecting donations from our listeners like you, we have been able to serve thousands of kids for Christmas.

There are two options to help support the Austin’s Cattle Company Tree Of Giving; the choice to purchase requested gifts and drop them off locally, or to make an online monetary donation. Please select one of the options below for details.

See a listing of items identified by local agencies that you can purchase and drop off in the local area.

Make a safe and secure online monetary donation that will be used toward purchasing requested gifts.

If you need any additional information or have questions, please email Beth Peagler at: bpeagler@blackcrow.fm

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Purchase and Drop Off

The items (listed below) have been identified as needs by our local agency partners:

Please choose items from the lists below, purchase the gifts and then drop them off to one of the following locations:

Black Crow Media – 1711 Ellis Dr, Valdosta, GA 31601

Austin’s Cattle Company – 2101 W Hill Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601

Urban Revival Salon – 2903 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31602

Lighting Concepts – 11619 Troupeville Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602

Adel Outfitters – 1221 W 4th St, Adel, GA 31620

Hug In A Mug Coffee Co. – 4165 Bemiss Rd Suite 0, Valdosta, GA 31605

Southland Metal Roofing – 2375 GA-38, Valdosta, GA 31601

Langdale Hyundai – 4001 N Valdosta Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602

Gift List Age Groups

The wish lists below will be updated over the next weeks with the information provided by our local agency partners:

3 & under

CAC Games
Male, Age: 3
Clothes: 5T shirts, 5T pants
Shoes: 11 kids
Gift: learning books, needs clothes, underwear, football, paw patrol, spider man, ride on toy

CAC Monster
Male, Age: 2
Clothes: 5 shirt, 5 pants
Shoes: 11-12
Gift: construction vehicles, Thomas the train, winter clothes, football

4 to 5

CAC Paw Patrol
Female, Age: 4
Clothes: 7/8 shirts, 7/8 pants
Shoes: 13
Gift: any learning books, winter clothes, shoes, Barbies, baby dolls, baby stroller

Male, Age: 5
Gift: matchbox cars

Male, Age: 5
Gift: sports ball set, Paw Patrol

Male, Age: 5
Clothes: shirts 5-6, pants 6
Shoes: 12
Gift: action figures, any type of sports balls

Female, Age: 5
Clothes: 5-6 shirts, 5 pants
Shoes: 12 shoes
Gift: Peppa Pig, stuffed animals, baby dolls

6 to 8

CAC Trolls
Female, Age: 7
Clothes: 7 shirts, 7 pants
Shoes: 11-12 kids
Gift: Long sleeve shirts, pants, winter jacket, scooter, barbie, baby doll, makeup kit

CAC Gymnastics
Female, Age: 7
Clothes: 8/10 shirts, 8/10 pants
Shoes: 4 kids
Gift: drawing books, drawing kit, Barbie, LOL Dolls, make up kit, full size bedding

CAC Panther
Female, Age: 8
Clothes: small shirts, 6x pants (kids)
Shoes: 2 kids
Gift: Barbie, winter clothes, makeup kit, full size bedding

CAC Doll
Female, Age: 9
Clothes: 8/10 shirts, 5 pants
Shoes: 7 kids
Gift: unicorns, LOL Dolls, makeup kit, winter jacket, scooter


Jack Frost
Male, Age: 7
Gift: learning toys, cars, trucks, dump truck

Male, Age: 8
Gift: legos, soccer ball

Male, Age: 6
Gift: basketball, soccer ball

Male, Age: 7
Gift: bat and baseballs, baseball glove


Male, Age: 7
Clothes: 6-8 shirts, 8 pants
Shoes: 3
Gift: building blocks, cars, trucks

Male, Age: 8
Clothes: 8-10 shirts, 10 pants
Shoes: 5
Gift: legos, board games

Female, Age: 6
Clothes: 6-8 shirts, 5 pants
Shoes: 2 shoes
Gift: Pixie Belles, interactive toys

Female, Age: 7
Clothes: 6-8 shirts, 6 pants
Shoes: 3 shoes
Gift: LOL dolls, ear buds

Female, Age: 8
Clothes: 8-10 shirts, 8 pants
Shoes: 5 shoes
Gift: Hair rings, hair brush

9 to 12

CAC Dinosaurs
Male, Age: 11
Clothes: 10 shirts, 10 slim pants
Shoes: 5
Gift: Dinosaurs, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tennis shoes, queen size bedding

CAC Disney
Female, Age: 11
Clothes: large shirts, 12 pants
Shoes: 8 women
Gift: winter jacket, drawing books, sweaters, bicycle, hair and makeup items, double size bedding

CAC Bicycle
Female, Age: 12
Clothes: medium shirts
Shoes: 6 women
Gift: drawing books, arts and crafts kits, nail polish

CAC Nerf
Male, Age: 11
Clothes: 10/12 shirts, 10/12 pants
Shoes: 7
Gift: Trucks, football, basketball, anything cars related, books, twin size bedding

CAC Barbie
Female, Age: 12
Clothes: small shirts, small pants
Shoes: 8 women
Gift: drawing books, doodle books, leggings, sweatshirts, anything GA Bulldogs, full size bedding

CAC Anime
Male, Age: 13
Clothes: small shirts, 12/14 pants
Shoes: 9 men
Gift: video game books, basketball, anime, bicycle

CAC Makeup

CAC Horses
Female, Age: 9
Clothes: 10/12 shirts, 10/12 pants
Shoes: 3
Gift: winter clothes, LOL Dolls, bath bombs, lip gloss

CAC Kittens
Female, Age: 9
Clothes: 10/12 shirts, 10/12 pants
Shoes: 2
Gift: children’s books, winter clothes, socks, board games, kitchen set, bath bombs, lip gloss

CAC Football
Male, Age: 9
Clothes: 8 shirts, 8 pants
Shoes: 2.5
Gift: Books, pants, soccer, any toys, queen size bedding

CAC Pokemon
Male, Age: 12
Clothes: Large/Xlarge shirts, 16 pants
Shoes: 5
Gift: any clothes, legos, action figures, full size bedding

CAC Mermaid
Female, Age: 11
Clothes: medium shirts, 5 pants
Shoes: 5
Gift: fashion books, anime, oversized tshirts, lip gloss, makeup, full size bedding

Male, Age: 9
Gift: bicycle, basketball

Male, Age: 10
Gift: volleyball, LED lights

Male, Age: 11
Gift: wireless speaker, ear buds

Male, Age: 9
Clothes: 8-10 shirts, 10 pants
Shoes: 6
Gift: football, magnetix

Male, Age: 10
Clothes: 10-12 shirts, 12 pants
Shoes: 6
Gift: remote control car with chargeable battery, legos

Male, Age: 12
Clothes: 12-14 shirts, 14 pants
Shoes: 9
Gift: basketball, soccerball

Female, Age: 9
Clothes: 8-10 shirts, 10 pants
Shoes: 6
Gift: Arts and crafts kit, jewelry making kit


Male, Age: 11
Clothes: 12-14 shirts, 12 pants
Shoes: 7
Gift: ear buds, LED strip lights, mens body wash

Female, Age: 12
Clothes: 14-16 shirts, 14 pants
Shoes: 8
Gift: yoga mat, makeup, nail polish

Male, Age: 12
Gift: black crocs (10), LED lights, Nike socks

Male, Age: 11
Gift: red DVD player, board games, football

Female, Age: 12
Gift: White crocs (9), Demon slayer shirt (xl), My Hero stickers

13 to 15

CAC Harry Potter
Female, Age: 13
Clothes: small shirts, 12 pants
Shoes: 7 women
Gift: arts and crafts kit, classical novels, Harry Potter full set, tennis shoes, winter jacket, board games, scrunchies

CAC Gift
Female, Age: 15
Clothes: medium shirts, 13 pants
Shoes: 7 women
Gift: long sleeve shirts, jacket, hoodie, roblox, queen bedding

CAC Sleigh
Female, Age: 15
Clothes: 2x shirts, 18/20 pants
Shoes: 11 women
Gift: winter clothes, soccer ball, painting supplies, bath bombs, makeup, twin size bedding

CAC Moana
Female, Age: 15
Clothes: Xlarge shirts, 14 pants
Shoes: 7 women
Gift: any type of clothes, shoes, football, bicycle, queen size bedding

CAC Kickball
Female, Age: 14
Clothes: medium shirts, 2 pants
Shoes: 6 women
Gift: hoodies, kickball, nail polish, makeup, hair scrunchies, full size bedding

Male, Age: 15
Clothes: small shirts, 32 pants
Shoes: 8 men
Gift: Nike shoes, football, basketball, full size bedding

Female, Age: 13
Gift: yoga mat, ear buds

Female, Age: 15
Gift: yoga mat, balancing ball

Female, Age: 13
Clothes: shirts small, pants 16
Shoes: 9
Gift: yoga items (mat, therapy balls), ear buds, nail art

Male, Age: 13
Clothes: medium shirts, 16 pants
Shoes: 7-8
Gift: earbuds, LED strip lights

Female, Age: 15
Clothes: small shirts, 5 pants
Shoes: 5
Gift: ring light, braid stand, Chick-Fil-A gift card

Peter Pan
Female, Age: 14
Clothes: large shirts, 13 pants
Shoes: 8/9
Gift: ring light, yellow teddy bear slippers, zodiac sign necklace(cancer)

Female, Age: 15
Clothes: large shirts, 14 pants
Shoes: 7
Gift: bath & body works (champagne toast), Ulta gift card

Female, Age: 15
Clothes: medium/large shirts, 10/11 pants
Shoes: 6-7.5
Gift: Victoria Secret perfume & lotion, fur slides (red or white)

Male, Age: 13
Gift: Beyblade, Crocs (7), LED Lights, Frisbee

Male, Age: 14
Gift: Basketball, Football, Rubix cube

Male, Age: 13
Gift: portable DVD player, watch, board games

Male, Age: 13
Gift: Blue bed set (twin XL), football, AXE body wash/shampoo

Male, Age: 15
Gift: Watch, football, Foot Locker gift card

Female, Age: 15
Gift: Black Ugg style boots (7/8)

16 & up

CAC Movies
Female, Age: 16
Clothes: large/xlarge shirts, 14 pants
Shoes: 8.5/9 women
Gift: music books, black combat boots, earrings, makeup, hair care items, facial care items

Female, Age: 17
Clothes: xl shirts, 16 pants
Shoes: 8
Gift: anything Nike

Female, Age: 16
Clothes: L/XL shirts, 14 pants
Shoes: 8
Gift: Victoria Secret hoodie, jewelry

Male, Age: 16
Gift: Florida State bed set (Twin XL), LED Lights, Axe body wash, pillows (2)

Male, Age: 16
Gift: Blue bike, black Nike jogger suit (small), black Nike socks (10)

Male, Age: 16
Gift: red bike, blue radio, black or gray joggers (28×30)

Male, Age: 18
Gift: Black Nike Jacket (Medium), Black Nike pants (Medium), Nike Socks

Female, Age: 19
Gift: Large furry red blanket, red air pod case

Snow White
Female, Age: 16
Gift: shark air pod case, shark iPhone 11 phone case

Online Donation

Your donation will be used to purchase requested items from this years Gift List. To make a safe and secure online donation, simply click the PayPal donation link below*.


*100% of net donation (donation amount less PayPal charge) will go directly toward purchasing the listed gifts.