//Georgia ranks in top 10 states with fewest fatal vehicle crashes

Georgia ranks in top 10 states with fewest fatal vehicle crashes

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ATLANTA – A new study by personal injury lawyers reveals Georgia ranks in the top 10 states with fewest fatal crashes.


  • Florida tops the list as the state with the fewest fatal speeding crashes 
  • Mississippi and Nebraska are in second and third place, respectively 
  • Georgia comes in sixth
  • Rhode Island ranks last with the highest number of fatal crashes involving speeding 

A new study has revealed the states with the fewest fatal vehicle crashes involving speeding, with Florida taking the top spot. 

Ohio personal injury lawyers The Fitch Law Firm analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting on the number of fatal crashes per state between 2017-2021 and the number where speeding was primarily responsible.  

Rank State Percentage of fatal crashes that involved speeding 
Florida 9.38% 
Mississippi 13.29% 
Nebraska 15.50% 
Tennessee 15.57% 
Kentucky 16.65% 
Georgia 18.36% 
Iowa 20.47% 
Louisiana 20.80% 
New Jersey 21.39% 
10 Idaho 22.29% 

Florida ranks at the top as the state with the fewest speeding fatalities, with 9.38% of all fatal crashes being a result of speeding offenses. The state experienced 15,342 fatal crashes in the five years, with 1,439 reported as speeding-related.  

Coming in second is Mississippi. The state had 3,167 fatal crashes, with 421 of them being a result of speeding drivers; that equates to 13.29% of all confirmed fatalities from cases where speed was the primary fault.  

Third in the ranking is Nebraska, with 15.50% of all fatal crashes being related to speeding. Nebraska ranks first among the top ten states for the fewest total crashes, 1,032 to be precise; 160 of this number involved speeding. 

Tennessee places fourth, with 15.57% of all fatal collisions involving speeding offenses – this works out at 826 of the 5,304 total.  

In fifth place is Kentucky, with 16.65% of fatal vehicle crashes being due to speeding. Of the 3,496 total, 582 of those crashes involved being above the speed limit.  

Georgia comes in sixth, with 1,361 speed-related fatal crashes. With a total of 7,413, that equals 18.36% of all fatal collisions reported as a speeding felony.  

Seventh on the list is Iowa, with 20.47% of all reported fatal crashes relating to speeding. Iowa ranks third among the top ten states for the fewest crashes, having 1,544 in total; 316 of these crashes were due to speeding offenses.   

Taking eighth place is Louisiana, with 20.80% of all fatal crashes being due to speed offenses. Of the 3,754 total, 781 crashes involved speeding.  

New Jersey ranks ninth, with 21.39% of all crash fatalities caused by being above the speed limit. With 2,857 fatal crashes, 611 were reported as speeding.  

Landing the tenth spot is Idaho, with 239 reported speeding-related fatal collisions. Idaho ranks second among the top ten states for the fewest total crashes – 1,072 to be precise. That equals 22.29% caused by exceeding the limit. 

A spokesperson from The Fitch Law Firm commented: “While these ten states have lower figures of fatal collisions from speeding than others, it seems that this offense is a nationwide issue. Regardless of where your state places in the ranking, it’s crucial for drivers to remain safe and remember to stick to the speed limit.” 

This study was conducted by The Fitch Law Firm, a personal injury lawyer based in Ohio.