//New study reveals Georgia Tech most Instagrammable university in GA

New study reveals Georgia Tech most Instagrammable university in GA

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ATLANTA – A new study by VPNOverview reveals that Georgia Institute of Technology is the state’s most Instagrammable university.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology is Georgia’s most Instagrammable university with 276,473 total hashtagged posts.
  • University of Georgia comes second with 128,578 hashtags, and Emory University takes third place with 83,889 hashtags.   
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) ranks as America’s most Instagrammable university with 1,874,172 total hashtagged posts. 

A new study has revealed that Georgia Institute of Technology is Georgia’s most Instagrammable university.

Cybersecurity experts at VPNOverview analysed how many times the 100 highest rated American universities have been hashtagged in public posts on Instagram. 

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) was Georgia’s highest entry on the list with a total of 276,473 public hashtagged posts across Instagram. It ranked in 12th place overall on the full list of American universities.

The Georgia Institute of Technology (commonly referred to as Georgia Tech or GT) is a public research university and institute of technology in Atlanta, Georgia, and was established in 1885. It is is organized into 6 colleges and contains about 31 departments and academic units, with an emphasis on science and technology.

University of Georgia comes in second place with a total of 128,578 hashtagged posts across Instagram. It ranked in 35th place overall on the full list of American universities.

The University of Georgia (UGA or Georgia) is a public land-grant research university with its main campus in Athens, Georgia. Chartered in 1785, it is one of the oldest public universities in the United States. It is also the flagship school of the University System of Georgia.

Emory University ranks in third place with 83,889 hashtagged Instagram posts. It ranked in 49th place overall on the full list of American universities.

Emory University is a private research university in Atlanta, Georgia, and is cited for high scientific performance and citation impact in the CWTS Leiden Ranking. The National Science Foundation ranked the university 36th among academic institutions in the United States for research and development (R&D) expenditures. 

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) ranked at the top of the overall list of America’s Instagrammable Universities with a total of 1,874,172 public hashtagged posts across Instagram, followed by Harvard University in second place and Yale University in third.

A spokesman for VPNOverview commented:  

“While prospective students often apply for universities based on their academic reputation, the visual appeal of campus life shared online can also play an important role in creating an enjoyable university experience.  

“UCLA receives around 578,000 searches each month worldwide and ranks first on the full list of American universities with a presence on Instagram. This highlights the importance of encouraging social media engagement using identifying hashtags to be able to reach as many people as possible, therefore creating further publicity.” 

Georgia’s Most Instagrammable Universities Ranking

  Rank  University/College   Hashtag Total number of Instagram posts featuring the hashtag 
1.Georgia Institute of Technology#georgiatech276,473
2.University of Georgia#universityofgeorgia128,578
3.Emory University#emoryuniversity83,889

America’s Most Instagrammable Universities Ranking

Rank US University/College Hashtag Total number of Instagram posts featuring the hashtag 
1. University of California, Los Angeles #ucla 1,874,172 
2. Harvard University #harvard 1,138,099 
3. Yale University #yale 573,590 
4. University of California, Davis #ucdavis 369,747 
5. University of California, Berkeley #ucberkeley 363,430 
6. Columbia University #columbiauniversity 358,487 
7. Michigan State University #michiganstate 331,291 
8. Trinity College #trinitycollege 327,699 
9. University of Washington, Seattle #universityofwashington 306,135 
10. University of Florida #universityofflorida 280,722 
11. Georgia Institute of Technology #georgiatech 276,473 
12. Cornell University #cornelluniversity 270,575 
13. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor #universityofmichigan 259,478 
14. Virginia Tech #virginiatech 253,090 
15. Boston University #bostonuniversity 245,203 
16. Brown University #brownuniversity 242,671 
17. University of Wisconsin, Madison #uwmadison 231,216 
18. Duke University #dukeuniversity 228,162 
19. Syracuse University #syracuseuniversity 207,186 
20. Princeton University #princetonuniversity 207,072 
21. University of Pennsylvania #upenn 198,997 
22. Purdue University #purdueuniversity 186,613 
23. Stanford University #stanforduniversity 184,497 
24. University of Texas, Austin #universityoftexas 182,283 
25. Indiana University, Bloomington #indianauniversity 180,953 
26. Boston College #bostoncollege 169,194 
27. University of Utah #universityofutah 161,940 
28. Rutgers University #rutgersuniversity 159,087 
29. University of California, Irvine #ucirvine 145,554 
30. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign #universityofillinois 144,706 
31. New York University #newyorkuniversity 134,081 
32. Northeastern University #northeasternuniversity 131,134 
33. University of Maryland, College Park #universityofmaryland 129,210 
34. University of Georgia #universityofgeorgia 128,578 
35. Rice University #riceuniversity 123,827 
36. California State University, Fullerton #calstatefullerston 123,325 
37. Clemson University #clemsonuniversity 120,702 
38. University of Maryland, Baltimore County #umb 116,322 
39. Florida State University #floridastateuniversity 114,301 
40. University of Chicago #universityofchicago 110,152 
41. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo #calpolyslo 108,558 
42. Ohio State University #ohiostateuniversity 105,437 
43. University of California, Riverside #ucriverside 103,648 
44. Georgetown University #georgetownuniversity 94,089 
45. Northwestern University #northwesternuniversity 90,002 
46. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities #universityofminnesota 88,177 
47. University of Virginia #universityofvirginia 87,552 
48. Emory University #emoryuniversity 83,889 
49. Binghamton University, SUNY #binghamtonuniversity 83,467 
50. University of Southern California #universityofsoutherncalifornia 75,606