//Georgia ranks in top 10 best roads for travel in U.S.

Georgia ranks in top 10 best roads for travel in U.S.

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ATLANTA – An analysis of the best and worst roads in each state for travel has ranked Georgia in the top 10 of best roads in the U.S.


ConsumerAffairs recently published an analysis of which states have 2022’s worst (and best) roads for travel.

Map of road conditions in the United States.

This holiday season, drivers traveling through Hawaii, Rhode Island, Louisiana, California, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Arkansas, Colorado, South Carolina and Iowa are in for the bumpiest and potentially most dangerous rides. Low infrastructure budgets have led to potholed, uneven and hazardous roads in these states, according to the new study.

On the other hand, those traveling through New Hampshire, Minnesota, Vermont, Alabama and Idaho should experience smoother travel than other road warriors this season.

According to our nationwide survey, the average driver gives the roads in their state a rating of just a 4.8 out of 10. Interestingly, even in states that rank well on paper for road quality, many survey respondents rated their roads as “terrible.”  

ConsumerAffairs data scientists compared four factors to determine which states have the worst roads: dollar amount spent per mile of roadway, pavement conditions reported by the Federal Highway Administration, vehicle miles traveled and annual motor crash fatalities.

Each factor was standardized, weighted and assigned a certain percentage based on level of significance, then we combined ratings from each dimension to produce the final scores.

To see where each state ranks in our study, see the table below or check out the full report: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/us-road-conditions.html

Worst roadsPrevious year’s ratingPoor pavement roughness (rural)*Poor pavement roughness (urban)*
1. Hawaii216%26%
2. Rhode Island117%41%
3. Louisiana87%25%
4. California45%44%
5. Wisconsin36%29%
6. Mississippi243%15%
7. Arkansas306%15%
8. Colorado185%18%
9. South Carolina143%10%
10. Iowa226%20%
11. Nebraska124%35%
12. Massachusetts57%31%
13. Illinois136%21%
14. West Virginia287%12%
15. Texas172%19%
16. Arizona384%12%
17. Washington115%23%
18. New York104%30%
19. Alaska3716%9%
20. Michigan93%25%
21. Oklahoma166%11%
22. Montana203%16%
23. South Dakota63%15%
24. Wyoming262%12%
25. New Mexico274%14%
26. Pennsylvania154%21%
27. New Jersey75%27%
28. Connecticut214%14%
29. Virginia232%13%
30. Oregon312%15%
31. Kentucky452%7%
32. North Carolina341%8%
33. Maine196%13%
34. Ohio252%16%
35. Delaware352%10%
36. North Dakota482%14%
37. Maryland293%20%
38. Missouri361%10%
39. Tennessee392%9%
40. Utah402%7%
41. Indiana322%6%
42. Nevada421%9%
43. Georgia431%5%
44. Florida461%5%
45. Kansas501%10%
46. Idaho455%11%
47. Alabama491%5%
48. Vermont414%9%
49. Minnesota333%5%
50. New Hampshire443%8%

*According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s “Highway Statistics Series.”

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