//GEMA/HS welcome new Chief of Intelligence

GEMA/HS welcome new Chief of Intelligence

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ATLANTA – Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency welcome new Homeland Security Division’s Chief of Intelligence.


The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency welcomed former Central Intelligence Agency senior officer, Linda Criblez, as the Homeland Security Division’s Chief of Intelligence. In her new role, Criblez will spearhead GEMA/HS’ intelligence unit to expand the collection and sharing of analysis with the goal of enhancing public and school safety in Georgia.

“What attracted me to GEMA/HS is the positive culture and focus on mission. When there’s a hurricane coming, you are the ones to arrive on the scene first. I like to be with the kind of people who run towards emergencies to see who needs our help,” said Criblez as she likens GEMA/HS’ disaster response approach to the CIA’s response to 9/11 and other international crises.

Criblez has 25 years of experience with the CIA, which is known for being the first line of defense for the United States. She has held various positions within the organization starting as a European and African Analyst, before transitioning to Operations with positions culminating in Chief of Intelligence, Executive Director and Chief of Station assignments. 

“When I started my career, America’s biggest national security threats were overseas. Now our biggest security problems are inside our borders,” said Criblez. “I like that GEMA/HS works the whole gambit of issues; everything from disaster relief to cyber security to school safety. I am excited to have the opportunity to apply my skillsets to these problems.”

Criblez’s expertise of global intelligence, national security, crisis response, physical security, cyber security and counterterrorism will assist in innovative ways to better serve and protect Georgia from man-made emergencies.

“Linda’s knowledge and experience is critical to the success of our intelligence unit,” said GEMA/HS Deputy Director Harlan Proveaux. “Her caliber makes her the perfect addition to our team, and her passion to help keep Georgia safe is immeasurable. We are excited to have Linda on board.”

Criblez is a dual graduate of the University of Chicago, receiving her bachelor’s degree in Russian History and master’s in International Relations. Criblez resides in Atlanta with her husband and three sons.