//Georgia implements poll worker first response tool

Georgia implements poll worker first response tool

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ATLANTA – Georgia poll workers are being protected with a security alert service to report any midterm election procedure disruptions.


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that Georgia counties have implemented a security alert service allowing poll managers across Georgia to immediately report any concerns or security issues that could disrupt the midterm election procedures.

“I’m happy to provide the incident reporting tool to poll managers in Georgia,” said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. “Texting is an instant means of communication, and poll managers will be able to alert the appropriate personnel to address anything that may happen in a polling place during this election quickly and securely.”

The texting tool, branded as “Poll Worker First Response” was a developed among a suite of services offered to improve the overall voting experience in 2022. My Voter Page has undergone significant improvements to provide user-friendly ballot images, a step-by-step instruction guide powered by WalkMe, and up-to-date voter participation information. Voters choosing to vote by mail have access to BallotTrax in order to track their ballot in real time. In-person voters in 17 counties will find their check-in process streamlined, with the Elections Division having implemented a pilot program designed to decrease check-in times.

As Georgia voters continue to smash records, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office continues to enhance the voting process for all Georgia voters.