//Phone Scammers Use Fake Ransom to Target Jacksonville Woman

Phone Scammers Use Fake Ransom to Target Jacksonville Woman

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JACKSONVILLE, Fl. — A woman and her sister reportedly received an unusual call on March 9, according to First Coast.

Emily S. says that she got a strange call in the early hours of the morning. The familiar number had the voice of a screaming female followed by a male voice demanding money. Emily said the crying female voice sounded like it could have been her.

The caller requested that around $1,000 be transferred through an app. Emily’s sister, who had just woken out of deep sleep to answer the 4 a.m. call, tried to send the money but the account was then blocked. She realized that something didn’t seem right once the “kidnappers” started to lower their demand amount. The sister hung up and called the number back. Emily answered and was fine but concerned about the scam and use of her number.

These scams, unfortunately, are not uncommon. The FBI is warning against them and reminding the public to not share personal information with the callers.