//Tallahassee > Man Stabs Victim with Sword

Tallahassee > Man Stabs Victim with Sword

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TALLAHASSEE — A Tallahassee man is in jail after stabbing and striking another man with a sword during an argument, according to police.

Police say 45-year-old Jordan Tyrone struck and stabbed a man with a sword after the two were involved in an altercation outside of an apartment complex on E. Pershing Street around 2:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Another man, the victim’s brother, wrestled over the sword and eventually took it to their apartment until police arrived.

A witness told police Jordan also kicked over the brothers’ grill and bicycle and also threw a small barbell weight against their apartment before the victim confronted him.

Police say the victim was stabbed in the left back and suffered a major laceration on his arm, severing all soft tissue and muscle on his upper left arm.

He is likely to lose most functions of his left arm as a result of the injury, according to the police report.

Jordan was arrested for attempted felony murder and transported to the Leon County Jail.