//Georgia > Senate Passes $21.8 billion Spending Plan

Georgia > Senate Passes $21.8 billion Spending Plan

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Georgia Capitol

ATLANTA — The state Senate passed a new state spending plan Friday which will include $1.1 billion in construction funds.  This would increase State spending by $900 million, thought that could increase further if a final compromise with the House is made on transportation funding.

The plan, totaling $21.8 billion, includes funds for $100 million in bridge construction and and additional $100 million for transit programs.

The remaining construction funds go toward schools, including both K-12 and college, and $23 million for a parking facility at the new Atlanta Falcons’ Stadium in downtown Atlanta.

If approved, the spending plan/bond package would be the largest since 2009 under Sonny Perdue.

Unlike the House plan, the Senate plan does not include a provision to remove 22,000 part-time state workers off of the State Health Benefit Plan.

The plan will require local school districts to pay $103 million extra for part-time and full-time school worker insurance.

The plan calls for an increase of 3% in the Hope Scholarship award and grants to private college students would increase 30%.

A final deal between both houses of the legislature is expected before the end of the session in early April.

When you include Federal funding, Georgia will spend almost $40 billion in the coming fiscal year.