//Thomasville PD, Feds Look Into IRS Check Fraud Ring

Thomasville PD, Feds Look Into IRS Check Fraud Ring

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paycheck pocketLocal and federal authorities are looking into a potential check fraud ring that is thought to be running out of a bank in Thomasville. A Thomas County woman contacted authorities after never receiving an IRS check, but yet the agency said it had been deposited into an account at Thomas County Federal Bank.

The bank followed up on the federal case, and found that the account in question had deposited a number of IRS checks, all made out to different people from Florida.

There appeared to be upwards of about $47,000 worth of IRS checks deposited into the account from February through June. Thomas County Federal has turned over the bank statements that show that once the IRS checks were deposited, personal checks were written out to various individuals for various different amounts.

The local and federal investigation is continuing.

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