//Boston Bombing Suspect In Custody, Other Dead

Boston Bombing Suspect In Custody, Other Dead

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UPDATE: A long standoff ended inside a boat in the backyard of a Watertown, MA home around 8:30 Friday night with the arrest of 19-year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (AKA ‘Suspect #2).

A wild night in the suburbs of Boston continued into the early morning hours after the two men named as suspects in Monday’s bombings went on a crime spree Thursday night.

Just five hours after FBI officials revealed pictures of the suspects, the pair allegedly shot a campus police officer at MIT, carjacked a Mercedes in Cambridge, then engaged in a large firefight in the nearby town of Watertown.

One suspect, 26-year old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed in the shootout with police. The man allegedly also detonated another ‘pressure cooker bomb,’ adding to his fatal injuries.

Stay with WVGA with further updates throughout the day and via a live blog on HuffPo or live video streaming from Boston’s FOX 25 here.