//Valdosta residents reminded of tree, debris removal responsibilities

Valdosta residents reminded of tree, debris removal responsibilities

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VALDOSTA – The City of Valdosta is reminding citizens and contractors of the responsibilities with tree and debris removal.


As the City of Valdosta continues its efforts to maintain a clean and safe environment for all residents, it is imperative to remind citizens and contractors alike of their responsibilities regarding tree and debris removal.

According to the City of Valdosta Ordinance 82-33, trees, large bushes, or shrubbery that are trimmed by anyone other than a resident, or by commercial trimmers or tree surgeons, will not be picked up by the city.  This ordinance underscores the importance of proper disposal methods and the efficiency of city services.

It is important to note that volunteer groups assisting residents in debris removal will be recognized the same as residents under this ordinance. The City of Valdosta acknowledges the invaluable contributions of these volunteer groups in supporting our community members during cleanup efforts. However, it should be clarified that this recognition does not extend to tree surgeons.

All persons, excluding residents, who engage in trimming or cutting trees, large bushes, or shrubbery within the city limits are required to responsibly dispose of the resulting debris. This includes any residue from the trimmed vegetation.

The City of Valdosta emphasizes the importance of compliance with this ordinance to uphold the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of our community. By adhering to these guidelines, contractors contribute to the overall well-being of our city and help maintain its natural beauty.

For further information or clarification regarding Ordinance 82-33 and its implications for tree and debris removal, please contact the City of Valdosta’s Department of Public Works at 229-259-3585.