//VSU doctoral student named dean at Augusta college

VSU doctoral student named dean at Augusta college

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VALDOSTA – A Valdosta State University doctoral student was recently named dean at Augusta Technical College.


Aherial Polite, a doctoral student at Valdosta State University, was recently appointed dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Augusta Technical College in Augusta, Georgia. She plans to defend her dissertation and earn her Doctor of Education in Leadership from VSU in Summer 2025.

“The leadership program at VSU has already impacted my new role,” she shared. “I’ve learned about the various types of leadership, such as transformative and servant, and used them to reach the faculty, staff, and students at Augusta Technical College during the first few weeks of transitioning to the position. This program has also instilled in me the importance of being a team player and a leader. Strong leaders support their team members and are able and willing to step in to assist in fulfilling the institution’s mission. Lastly, my doctoral program has taught me about the significance of qualitative and quantitative data; utilizing both data types can provide a deeper understanding of patterns and behavior, especially those pertaining to students. As I immerse myself in this role, I plan to collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to comprehend our students’ needs better.”

Read more about Polite’s new role at https://www.augustatech.edu/about-us/news.cms/2024/321/aherial-polite-appointed-as-dean-of-augusta-technical-college-s-school-of-arts-and-sciences.