//City of Valdosta urges citizens to avoid debris staging site

City of Valdosta urges citizens to avoid debris staging site

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VALDOSTA – The City of Valdosta urges citizens to avoid debris staging site for safety reasons concerning workers and the community.


The City of Valdosta is urging all citizens to refrain from entering the debris staging sites as crews work tirelessly to remove storm debris from our community.  With the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Idalia, it is imperative that everyone allow the debris removal trucks the opportunity to access the collection sites.

The City is aware that many people may want to see the debris and offer to help with the removal process, but it is crucial that everyone stay away from the staging sites for their own safety.  The debris removal process involves heavy machinery and other equipment that can be dangerous to anyone who is not a part of the trained crew.

Public Works Director Anthony Musgrove has provided an update on the debris sites stating that they are currently off limits to the general public.  This is due to the gathering and processing of storm debris into mulch.  “While we understand that citizens may have requests for mulch, we ask for their patience and understanding during this time.  As always, the safety of our citizens is our top priority.  We will continue to keep citizens informed on any updates regarding the mulch sites.”

The City would like to thank everyone for their cooperation during this difficult time.  The debris removal process will take some time, but the City is committed to restoring our community to its former state as quickly as possible.

For more information and updates on the debris removal process, please visit the City of Valdosta’s website (www.valdostacity.com) or social media pages.