//LCS enforces student attendance policy for home football games

LCS enforces student attendance policy for home football games

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LOWNDES CO. – Lowndes County Schools are enforcing the student attendance policies for home football game for everyone’s safety.


In order to ensure an orderly and safe environment for our team, participants and fans Lowndes County Schools will be strictly enforcing our student attendance policies for all home football games. 

Student Admission Procedures 

  • K-8 students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to enter the stadium.  Unaccompanied students will not be admitted.
  • The dropping off K-8 students at Martin Stadium without the accompaniment of a parent or guardian if prohibited.
  • K-8 students must sit in their reserved seat.  There is no K-8 student section and these students are not allowed in the high school student section.  They cannot sit in any vacant seats regardless of whether the seat owners are present. 
  • Students in grades 9-12 may enter without a parent/guardian with a valid Lowndes High School student ID.  LHS student passes may be suspended or revoked for failure to follow rules and expectations in the stadium.
  • Loitering in open areas at the stadium is not permitted – i.e. concessions, restroom area.  Students are expected to be seated when not visiting the concessions or restrooms. 
  • Any behavior at the stadium that is a violation of the Lowndes County School Code of Student Conduct will be enforced at the student’s home school. 
  • Inappropriate behavior at the stadium and repeated failure to comply with instructions from school personnel will result in removal of the event without refund and may result in a ban from future events for the remainder of the school year. 

 Please join and help us to continue to make Martin Stadium a fun and enjoyable place to spend Friday nights in the fall.