//Valdosta welcomes Neighborhood Development Manager

Valdosta welcomes Neighborhood Development Manager

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The City of Valdosta welcomes the new Neighborhood Development and Community Protections Manager to help in efforts to improve the community.


The City of Valdosta would like to introduce the new Neighborhood Development and Community Protections Manager, Anetra Riley.

Prior to her new role, Anetra has worked with the city for two and a half years as the Neighborhood Development Coordinator.

“I am excited to accept the position of Neighborhood Development Manager, where our goals are to use local, state, and federal resources to improve the Designated Revitalization Area within the city limits of Valdosta. Changes are inevitable. We want to continue to have a positive input on creating neighborhoods that invite and sustain businesses and incorporate residences that sustain or improve their value. Our partnerships with local businesses and organizations that support improvement are essential to our success. The City of Valdosta is at the forefront of the efforts to make Valdosta a thriving community for all citizens as they support Neighborhood Development,” said Riley.

Congratulations, Anetra, and thank you for all that you do to help make Valdosta the city without limits!