//Thief arrested following VPD investigation

Thief arrested following VPD investigation

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Offender: Brown, Asia A, African American female, age 26, resident of Valdosta

On November 7, 2021, at approximately 9:12 pm, a patrol officer with Valdosta Police Department took a report where several items had been stolen out of a citizen’s vehicle. One of the items stolen was the victim’s debit card and it had been used at 2205 N Ashley Street (CVS), after the theft. The officer went to CVS and obtained further information about the transaction. A short time later the offender, later identified as Asia Brown returned to CVS. Brown initially gave the officer a false name and date of birth. Brown was detained and searched incident to arrest. Brown was found to have possession of the stolen debit card.

Brown was arrested and transported to Lowndes County Jail where she was charged with Financial Transaction Card Fraud (Felony), Theft by Receiving Stolen Property (Felony) and Giving a False Name and Date of Birth (Misdemeanor).

“This officer did a great job investigating this case. We would like to stress, do not leave anything of value in your vehicle and always make sure it is locked prior to leaving it unattended.” Cpt. Scottie Johns.