//Moulton-Branch Elementary students learn fire safety prevention tips

Moulton-Branch Elementary students learn fire safety prevention tips

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Photo Caption: Firefighters high-five Moulton-Branch Elementary students during their lesson on fire safety and prevention.


Lowndes County Fire Rescue visited Moulton-Branch Elementary School as part of their National Fire Prevention Month efforts on Monday, October 18, 2021. 

The local firefighters taught preschoolers and kindergarteners life-saving fire prevention and safety tips. They displayed their truck and uniforms while familiarizing the students with fire alarms and dialing 911. 

“Lowndes County Fire Rescue is always thrilled with the opportunity to get out in our local schools and talk with students about fire prevention and safety,” said Lloyd Green, Fire Chief, Lowndes County Fire Rescue.

Moulton-Branch Elementary teachers and administrators were happy to help provide their students with real life safety knowledge in such an engaging atmosphere. 

“We are thrilled to be able to have visitors on campus again in a safe way,” expressed Assistant Principal, Smantha Mercer. “Our students love learning about fire safety and they will really remember these tips coming directly from firefighters themselves.”

With guidance from the Lowndes County Fire rescue, Moulton-Branch Elementary and other local schools have been able to implement fire safety tips to reinforce this equation throughout the year. 

“We have already had three fire drills so far this year,” said kindergarten teacher, Amanda Weeks. “We never know when a fire is going to begin and if we know how to dial 911 and have a plan to get out, the safer we will be.”

The two agreed that allowing the kids to see the fire trucks and hear the alarms will reinforce the training they have received all year.  

Lowndes County Fire Rescue has plans to continue visiting Lowndes County elementary schools throughout the month to create more awareness for fire safety and prevention.