//SGMC adopts new charter on physician mental health

SGMC adopts new charter on physician mental health

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SGMC Committed to Wellbeing of Physicians

South Georgia Medical Center joined approximately 50 other leading healthcare organizations and associations across the nation in adopting the Charter on Physician Well-Being created by the Collaborative for Health and Renewal in Medicine (CHARM).  

The Charter helps health systems advance and promote physician well-being through guiding principles and key commitments.  

 SGMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian Dawson shared, “As physicians we are equipped to provide treatment options to our patients, but sometimes aren’t as comfortable accepting those same truths about ourselves. Even when we know that we can suffer from the same issues of society to include depression and suicide.” 

According to the National Institutes of Health, challenges to physician well-being are widespread, with problems such as dissatisfaction, symptoms of burnout, relatively high rates of depression, and increased suicide risk affecting physicians from premedical training through their professional careers.  

“These problems are associated with suboptimal patient care, lower patient satisfaction, decreased access to care, and increased health care costs,” said Dawson. “When physicians are well, they are best able to meaningfully connect with and care for patients.” 

As SGMC continues to welcome new physicians by way of recruitment and graduate medical education, this charter is one of many steps being taken to build support systems, engage leaders and optimize teams to cultivate a healthier workforce and advocate for mental health, not only for physicians but for the entire region. 

For more information about SGMC, visit sgmc.org.